Pray 4 Englewood is group of believers united across all lines: denomination, race, class, gender, subcultural, etc. for one purpose: gathering for effective prayer for the healing of Englewood Chicago. Our goal is to unify the body of Christ in Englewood to take FULL responsibility for the condition of the community. Through organized prayer meetings, prayer trainings, prayer walks, fasting  and intercession gatherings we are taking back homes, blocks and the entire community of Englewood for Christ.

Right now, several ministries and churches in Englewood are gathering to create a corporate prayer strategy which includes a regular prayer schedule, Day of Repentance along with placement & training of prayer warriors assigned to entire blocks, schools and troubled areas of Englewood.

We are asking that you join Pray 4 Englewood in this endeavor. To find out about scheduled meetings & trainings please email pray4englewood@gmail.com or call the prayer hotline 773-340-2ASK (773-340-2275.)


Meet with us every Saturday to pray for Englewood


5848 South Princeton | Chicago, IL 


Join our Nightly Prayer Call (9:00pm-9:15pm) for the Seven “Pillars of Englewood”

605-475-4800 access code 838122*

Monday- Government
Tuesday- Families
Wednesday- Education
Thursday- Media
Friday- Businesses
Saturday- Arts & Entertaiment
Sunday-The Church


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